Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy

Congratulations on your pregnancy, what an amazing journey you are on! No two pregancies are the same and if you are experiencing pain or restricted movement either during pregnancy or post partum, then prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy could make your journey easier.

It is important to take an approach which will consider your past medical and musculoskeletal injuries rather than a blanket approach for all pregnant women. All uterus’ are not the same; just as all deliveries are not the same. So, doing what your friends did won’t necessarily work for you.

pre & post natal physiotherapy

When it comes to returning to exercise post pregnancy, you want to know when the right time is for YOU, not follow the advice of family and friends or an Instagram influencer. Most of the information out there is just a guide and is neither written in stone or written for you, but I can help you find the right path.

Should you be doing core exercises? Should you be running to return back to your post baby weight? Or, should you be running if you suffer from leakage when you sneeze or jog, hoping it will get better in time because that’s what you have been told? (This is unfortunately not the case for many pre and post-natal mothers, but I can help).

All of these questions can be answered with an assessment which will also give you a clear understanding of where you are and why you have these symptoms. It’s too easy to say it’s because you are pregnant, or have just given birth and I can 100% say it’s not because you have a weak glute or tight hamstrings.

If it were this simple then most mothers wouldn’t have an issue.

    There are 206 bones contained within the body and 11 human body systems. Most Health Practitioners focus only on one, which is the musculoskeletal system (core, glutes and predominately your uterus) before and after giving birth. However, there’s more to the body than just this one system and we shouldn’t be looking at this beautiful structure in isolation. 

    Pre and post natal mothers are taught to focus their attention around the pelvic floor muscles and for a small percentage of mothers, Kegel exercises are enough for them to return to daily activities and have a smooth birth.  

    But what if another strength and stretching program, another app telling you to hold your wee, or another breathing exercise app, is not what you need?

    A question – Does your past injury history influence the type of birth you have or what type of pregnancy journey you have?

    We put a lot down to the hormonal changes you go through during pregnancy but what if your past lower back pain, those headaches you thought nothing of, or that traumatic car accident from your past is contributing to the symptoms that you are experiencing during this time?

    Not all symptoms are to do with your current situation; a lot is to do with what has happened in the past. Contact me with any questions or read on for more about my prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy services.

    What is included in a Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy Assessment?

    • An assessment of your Pelvis / sacrum alignment
    • An assessment of your abdominal muscle function and check for any abdominal muscle separation.
    • Assessment and advice around scar healing if you had a c section / forceps delivery
    • A conversation about your medical history
    • Past injury history – you be amazed to see how this connects to present day.
    • Your birth journey from start to finish
    • Assessment of your Pelvis / sacrum/ skull and talus – foot bone
    • How have you set yourself up in three dimensions?
    • Is each joint within the body able to move freely in the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane?
    • What movements are missing?
    • Assessment of your cranial sacral rhythm.
    pre & post natal assessment

    Goal of the Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy Assessment 

    • For you to know where your body is and where it is not.
    • To understand what your body needs in terms of movement and exercises.
    • What movements are missing?
    • Challenge your body’s position by encouraging it to rediscover those missing movements
    • Develop an individualised exercise plan and guidance for returning you back to activities which you love.
    • Teach you what you need to do to help yourself and do your own check in with your body. 

        My Promise to you

        • Full support and contact throughout your time working with me.
        • You will understand where you are and why you are having these issues.
        • I won’t tell you to just work your glutes and core and do yoga
        • We will work through the issues systematically and give you the opportunity to heal and focus on the journey and process.

        Curiosity, awareness then discovery is the key to unlocking your body’s full potential, it’s all about the process not a specific stretch.


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