Sports Physiotherapy

Have you recently gone for a run, played a sport recreationally, or even just gone for a walk and rolled your ankle? Or perhaps you’ve been more active and are now experiencing persistent aches and pains that nothing seems to alleviate? You’ve tried strapping, painkillers, and taking time off from the activity, but the issue persists.

Why not get a professional opinion on your injury? I understand the frustration of missing out on your 5k run or F45 class due to injury. It’s important to get the right information tailored to you, develop a hypothesis, and create a strategic plan to return to your sporting activities.

What’s Included in a Sporting Injury Physiotherapist Assessment?

  • Identify and Understand: Determine the mechanics causing the injury.
  • Structural Assessment: Evaluate your structural setup from head to toe.
  • Focused Review: Examine the injured area’s alignment, stability, muscle strength, and range of motion.

Treatment Sessions Include:

  • Structural Approach: Based on assessment and hypothesis.
  • Movement Sequences: Promote healing, restore motion, and muscle recruitment.
  • Body Awareness: Improve awareness of the injured part with educational drills.
  • Pain Management: Use manual therapy to aid joint motion.
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    Kevin worked with me across many ankle, knee, shoulder and other sports injuries over the years. He approached these issues as connected bits of localised weaknesses and misalignments that led to bigger injuries and pains. He listens to the issues I had with care and worked patiently with me to address them at the root, which has helped me alleviate long term nags and pains that other physios did not manage in the past.

    Most notably – got me back to running after I had stoped for several years due to a persistent hip pain (which itself came from issues starting in the foot that Kevin spotted). Really happy to have completed 5k and then 10k runs, which I had given up on before!

    Genuinely someone who is passionate and curious about the body and biomechanics, and isn’t shy to share his wealth of knowledge.


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