about kevin powell

About Kevin Powell Physio

As a young boy I aspired to become a professional footballer, and played professionally until an injury at age 19. I sought treatment and looked for another team but wasn’t meant to be so I decided to look to the fitness industry for a career and qualified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I enjoyed helping people achieve their personal fitness goals but soon realised that it wasn’t fulfilling me.

I was slightly obsessed with the human body and wanted to find out even more about how it functions and is put together, so I made the decision to retrain as a physiotherapist and I haven’t looked back!

My lightbulb moment came when I became a father. I saw my partner go through and recover from labour, and as well as some the things that new mothers too often just accept as ‘normal’ postpartum issues, years later she began to suffer migraines which got so bad that she couldn’t even walk into a perfume shop.

These migraines became so regular that vomiting and nausea was commonplace, which had a substantial effect on her life as a mother, partner, and employee.

She was advised by her GP to take blood pressure tablets, but I knew there had to be a better way to treat her and I took a holistic view of her medical history.

  • She was a forceps baby.
  • A fall when she was young had needed stiches.
  • Eye infections had been common in her life.
  • She had suffered whiplash from a car accident and concussion.

All of these were connected and led us to the solution. This highlighted for me the need to adopt a bio social approach, to look at everything and figure out what the root cause(s) of the issue are or we will only ever treat the symptoms.

Thanks to the women in my family, I have seen a myriad of issues, and their complexity has made me realise that the female body undergoes various transformations over time, in a way that male bodies do not. I am conscious that for this reason one size fits all doesn’t work and we need to adopt a specific plan for each person.

I am transdisciplinary and incorporate all of my training as a physiotherapist with other methods, such as osteopathy foundations, yoga and chiropractor techniques.

Your body is not failing you – we just need to uncover the ‘why’ and that will tell us what it needs.