Lower Back Pain: A Structural Approach

Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal issues globally, leading to long-term disability. In the UK, it affects 2 out of 3 people at some point in their lives. Despite extensive research and social media advice, the prevalence remains high.

Don’t let back pain control your life, seek a structural assessment. Determining the root cause of your discomfort is key to creating a plan which deals with that cause rather than treating the symptoms when they recur. 

A Structural Asessment for Lower Back Pain Includes:

  • Spinal Position: Three-dimensional view of your lumbar spine’s alignment on the pelvis.
  • Pelvis Position: Assess your pelvis’s alignment.
  • Movement Analysis: Evaluate your ability to move your lumbar spine and pelvis.
  • Muscular Assessment: Examine motor patterning through movement sequences.
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    Read this case study to find out how I helped a recent client with debhilitating lower back pain.

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