Migraine Treatment: A Structural Approach

Migraine is a complex condition with severe headaches being a common symptom as well as nausea, light and sound sensitivity and visual disturbances, all of which can significantly impact on your quality of life and ability to carry out day to day activities. Some people suffer frequent migraines, others only occasionally.

If you’re suffering with migraines then you’re not alone, it affects one in seven people according to Brain Research UK.

There is currently no cure. There are medicinal options available over the counter or, if these are ineffective then your GP is able to prescribe something stronger, but this approach will only ever treat the symptoms and can come with their own side effects. With a structural approach to your migraine treatment, I will assess your current situation and consider your relevant history to create a personalised plan to help you reclaim your quality of life.

If you feel frustrated by managing your migraines and would like help identifying the cause, it’s time to consider a structural assessment.

A Structural Asessment for Migraine Treatment Includes:

  • Positional Analysis: Assess head resting position in three dimensions.
  • Movement Review: Evaluate your cervical spine’s ability to perform movements.
  • Re-education: Use hands-on techniques to improve movement patterns.
  • Lifestyle Review: Assess sleeping and working positions.

Read this case study to find out how I supported a recent client who suffered with migraines.

    I can’t recommend Kevin enough. He’s all about getting to the route cause of a problem and not just the sticking plaster solution. Good explanations, clear instructions with handy videos to refer back to. He really is top draw.


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