TMJ Pain: A Structural Approach

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints connecting your lower jaw to your skull. 

TMJ disorders can affect these joints and the surrounding ligaments and cause:

  • pain around your jaw, ear and temple
  • clicking noises when you move your jaw around
  • headaches
  • difficulty fully opening your mouth

These symptoms may be worse when you chew food or feel stressed and can make it difficult to sleep.

Are you grinding your teeth and still feeling the same irritation despite using a mouth guard? If eating and sleeping are difficult due to jaw pain, and regular treatments aren’t working, consider a structural assessment for TMJ pain.

A Structural Asessment for TMJ Pain Includes:

  • Head and Jaw Alignment: Three-dimensional view in standing and lying positions.
  • Movement Ability: Assess head and cervical spine movement.
  • Hypothesis Development: Identify the cause of TMJ pain.
  • Targeted Exercises: Implement exercises to alleviate symptoms.
TMJ pain in jaw causing sleeping problems

Kevin takes a truly personalised and holistic approach and has done wonders for my chronic headaches and TMJ issues. I especially love his craniosacral therapy!


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