Cervical Neck Pain: A Structural Approach

Do you suffer from a stiff and painful neck from morning until night?

Neck pain can be debilitating and is often a result of poor posture or moving incorrectly due to previous trauma or injury, often without realising you are doing it.

If painkillers, heat/cold packs, neck stretches, pillow changes, and standing desks haven’t helped, it might be time for a structural assessment.

A Structural Asessment for Cervical Neck Pain Includes:

  • Cervical Spine Analysis: Three-dimensional view of head positioning.
  • Movement Ability: Assess head and cervical spine movement.
  • Hypothesis Development: Determine what’s driving your neck pain.
  • Exercise Sequences: Record and implement targeted exercises.
neck pain

Couldn’t recommend Kevin more highly. He was recommended to me by another of his clients and I am very glad!

When I first walked into his office, I couldn’t move my neck or head and was in agony. Within days I had improved movement, within weeks I was back to being active and over the course of months we’ve rehabilitated my neck and worked a lot on the underlying issues that caused it.


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